Refund Policy

Payments and Refunds Policy


Our Refund Policy is valid for up to 7 days after receipt of the product, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Code.To be eligible, the product must be in the same condition as you received it (in its original packaging) and must not have been used.To return your order, you must send us an email to info@usexpressbox.comwithin 7 days of receiving the product stating your order number and the reason for the return.To send your purchase back to US EXPRESS BOX please contact us first through the email info@usexpressbox.comwhich will inform the correct return address to which of our warehouses in Brazil your order must be sent.Returns made at the wrong address will follow the procedure in accordance with our Shipping and Returns policy.When shipping your product back, it is mandatory to use a traceable shipping method. The tracking code must be communicated by email via info@usexpressbox.com within 24 hours of posting the item.It is up to the customer to pay for the return shipping in one of our warehouses in Brazil indicated through an email sent to you. US EXPRESS BOX will be responsible for returning to the supplier in the USA, selling the product to another customer as an OPEN BOX if the supplier does not accept the product anymore or sends it for donation according to the choice of our company in each case.


Mandatory information for payments

 Buyer Information:

•Zip Code
•Phone Number
•Identification Document
•And others, if our Payment Processor deems it necessary

Prohibited list of services acquired through our payment systems

•Adoption agency;
•Prostitution agency;
•Scheduling for public services;
•Alcohol, tobacco, nicotine or related products;
•Live animals;
•Military weapons and ammunition, simulations and controlled equipment (archery, sporting weapons, hunting equipment, replica weapons, etc.);
•The Black box (Android Boxes with pre-installed IPTV applications);
•Gift Cards;
•Dental whitening;
•Debt collection;
•File sharing and cloud storage services;
•Adult content, pornography and sex related products or services (for example: live porn, sex chat);
•Gaming credentials, often from advanced accounts or purchasing virtual gaming currency;
•cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, e-wallets, prepaid credit cards and related services and products such as books, ebooks and video classes;
•Unlocking mobile phones, topping up mobile devices, programming electronic cards, devices for video game consoles, for unlocking TV channels, among others. R4i adapter (Nintendo);
•Money, paper money or any other bearer securities;
•Drugs or any type of illegal substances, including products that simulate the effects of any illegal drug; as well as any substances for the manufacture of drugs and any equipment used to produce, combine, convert, process, prepare, conceal and consume illicit drugs;
•And any other product, service or activity that is considered illegal in the jurisdiction where the Merchant or User operates.
•Issuance of licenses or government documents for regulated activities, including and not limited to driving, fishing and hunting;
•Multilevel marketing companies, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes or any program that promises profit with any term;
•State-owned companies;
•Loan (including car and mortgage consortium);
•ForEx, binary options, stock exchange, investment programs, future investments and related services or products, such as courses (assets, stocks, etc.), books, ebooks and video classes;
•Religious institutions and non-profit organizations (donations or charities);
•Religious institutions;
•online auction;
•Corrosive and explosive materials, compressed gases and aerosols, flammable liquids, oxidizing materials, flammable solids;
•Biological material of human origin (eg hormones, human hair, etc.);
•Radioactive material;
•Medicines (sold exclusively by prescription or not) or any substances related to the miraculous cure of any disease or health condition, including any hospital equipment;
•Precious metals, jewelry or any other product made from these materials - Purchase or trade;
•Political parties (for example: campaign finance, donations and signatures from politicians, political causes);
•Plants, natural flowers, seeds, herbs, grasses and live plant species; straw and forage; fresh food;
•Medical practices;
•Sports forecasting, probability creation, fantasy games and / or any type of game that promises to earn profits or bonuses in any currency;
•Products and services for the purpose of testing, curing, treating or preventing COVID-19, including and not limited to the misleading promotion and marketing of non-functional home test kits, false cures, fraudulent vaccines and overpriced health products.
•Products and services with unauthorized use of the name, image, likeness or other aspects of celebrity identity.
•Body parts enlargement products or services (for example, penis and breast enlargement);
•Products prohibited by the Public Health Agency, local Sanitary Authority or equivalent (ie Anvisa, Cofepris, ISPCH, etc.);
•Products that damage trademarks, patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights (for example, counterfeit products);
•Products related to pedophilia, child pornography, nudity of minors, as well as articles in any way that involve the illegal participation of minors;
•Stolen, subtracted, smuggled, counterfeit, adulterated or replicated products;
•Services of lawyers and / or legal advice;
•Gambling, lottery or related services (for example: poker course, cash games, etc.);
•Insurance services;
•Controlled substances and / or other products that pose a risk to consumer safety;
•Invasive cosmetic treatments, devices or equipment (for example, botox, peeling, hyaluronic acid, etc.);
•Poisons: liquid, solid or gas;

At the time of purchase, the customer is responsible for respecting the requirements of the payment or customs systems of the countries of origin and destination. US EXPRESS BOX does not guarantee the delivery of packages or services that are in breach of US export regulations or Brazil import regulations. You are responsible for ensuring that the purchase of services or shipment of your package is not prohibited by its description or content.

The systems available to make payment for your purchase:

National and International Credit Cards up to 12X

Debit Cards

Bank slip

Account Debit

Bank transfer